Bruce Starr: Job Description For Labor Commissioner Career
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Bruce Starr: Job Description For Labor Commissioner Career

During the November 2012 election process, the state of Oregon has a valuable and experienced small businessman, Bruce Starr running for an unusual career. The job of Labor Commissioner in Oregon will be decided by citizens of Oregon which is described here with facts about Bruce Starr's qualities for that career.

In the state of Oregon, United States, Bruce Starr is running for Labor commissioner to promote jobs, which is partly why he would like people to view his position on this appointment as a jobs commissioner and not just a Labor Commissioner. With the experience in Oregon Legislature, Bruce Starr worked with Republicans and Democrats eliminating party politics and keeping a focus on jobs.

An unusual career, the Labor Commissioner of Oregon has fundamental points to keep active to educate people before they go to the polls to vote for Bruce Starr into that office in November 2012. The balance between the workforce and  the population has two distict areas that bond the structure for the state as a whole. Having been a small business owner and still working that sector of his life, Bruce Starr knows that business owners in Oregon need to be encouraged to expand the opportunities to grow and thrive.

Developing the skilled workforce for those small businesses; needs and demands connectedness. That career as Labor Commissioner requires a person that is approachable, knowledgeable and able to merge those qualities so the private sector and the businessmen and businesswomen benefit. Open phone communication needs to be adopted for both consumers and business people to contact Bruce Starr when he is appointed and voted into the Labor Commissioner career job in the state of Oregon. During an introduction of his attitudes at a forum, Bruce Starr exemplified those qualities.

Workers rights are in Bruce Starr's ideals list also. As a Labor Commissioner of Oregon, Bruce Starr is highly aware of the need to train and also make sure those trained in the workforce are protected well also. This is bifold in that the wage must be an honest one and during his career Bruce will assure safety in that workplace as well.

In Oregon's economic position a candidate such as Bruce Starr for Labor Commissioner is valuable for Oregonians. Much of the career in this state job includes growth for local and state jobs so Oregon can begin hiring workers once more. The reduction of red tape and  high taxes on new or existing businesses is known by Bruce Starr because of his present small business involvement. His first priority when elected as Labor Commissioner in Oregon will be working to get government and lawyers off the backs of business owners.

Bruce Starr Labor Commissioner career candidate expresses many of the job attitudes needed for the state of Oregon to adopt in November 2012 when voting takes place to fill this unusual career spot.


Oregon State Labor Commisioner career


Oregon waterfall courtesy Roberta Baxter

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Great profiling Roberta.

interesting look at this person in politics