Crime Scene Clean Up : A Career in a Growing Field
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Crime Scene Clean Up : A Career in a Growing Field

Crime scene cleanup is a growing industry that offers a great employment opportunity for the right person. If you have a strong stomach and want a decent career in a growing field this could be the job for you. This offers you a chance to be of great service to families in traumatic circumstances and to your community as a whole.

Are you looking for a job that can pay up to six figures if you stay with it?  Do you have a strong stomach and can live with out glory and pats on the back? If you have answered yes to these questions, you might be interested in a job as a crime scene clean up technician.

There are no major educational requirements for the crime scene cleaner. You will be required to have blood borne pathogen training. Knowledge in the handling of hazardous materials is very important in this field. Each state has it own requirements for those working in this business. It is easy to check the requirements of your home state by contacting the department of licensing.

Crime scene clean up involves cleaning up in the aftermath of violent death which can be the result of homicide, accident or even suicide. It can also mean cleaning up chemically contaminated scenes such as meth labs or anthrax exposure sites. This is why it is important to be educated in hazardous material handling. Most of your training will be done on the job.

The crime scene cleaner provides a great service to the community at large and to families who are dealing with a traumatic event.

Although, this can be a thankless job in many ways, it can also be very rewarding in the fact that you will be helping people to overcome the death of a loved one, or helping a community to overcome the residual effects of crime.

This job can be physically and emotional demanding. You will be on call  and will have to be able to drop everything to get to the scene when needed. You will have to be able to deal with a lot of blood and gore with out it taking a toll on you. Manual labor is the name of the game. You will be required to do a lot of bending stooping and scrubbing. This will have to be done while wearing a hazmat suit which can be confining and hot. There may also be some heavy lifting involved. Carpentry skills will be helpful because you might find yourself tearing up and replacing floors and walls.

 Crime scene clean up is a growth industry and depending on the location, you can start out at about $35,000 a year. Small business owners that are in the crime scene niche easily pull in six figures a year if they are located in a metropolitan area.

If you are strong of mind, body and stomach you might find that crime scene clean up could be a great employment opportunity for you.

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Comments (1)

Not for me! Weak of stomach and weak of body. It would take a person with a unique set of skills, who can see the aftermath of the worst damage humans can inflict on others and themselves, and clean it up.Very interesting topic - great article!