Detective Job Description
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Detective Job Description

Private investigators are so much more widely used than most people know. The job description within this article will guide you along a detectives job and the journey that career takes for a client they are hired to help.Through an interview with a 20 year detective in a rural police force, this interview was transformed to give you characteristics of the person known as a detective or private investigator.

Detectives and private investigators are often considered one in the same when observing the job description. These facts will be a guide for people to learn more about the kinds of people who become detectives and the traits necessary to continue to a successful career as a PI (private investigator).

When a person requires help in the legal matters they can no longer handle;  they turn to a private investigator to search out the facts that are needed to produce in a court of law to make their case. Attorneys work closely with detectives for the welfare and needs of the client.

It is imperative to choose a bond able and experienced detective so credibility will be known by law and court officials alike. The bond also guarantees the client hiring the PI they are certified, registered, notarized and authentic in their line of work. Current documentations are continually updated so the detective can actively practice their legal work for their customers. Clients are at liberty to check the credentials along with the bonding firm the PI is using.

Character is not only preferred, but necessary to validate a detective in the line of duties they will be required to perform. Most people summon private investigators out of need relying on that employed person to adequately resolve all private issues in a just manner. Since a client most often times does not know where to turn, they hand over complete control to a detective trusting in a strong character  and helpful team members to reliably carry out the journey ahead of them.

Personal and professional insurance protects the detective from suits from clients or opposing individuals while the PI is at work. In suit happy situations insurance procured by the PI will secure the business and private life too. Down payments, for work required, is protected by policies purchased by the detective. All employees working for the detective are covered by insurance coverage while in the office or doing field work for cases as well.

Legal team work is part of a private investigator's staff. There might be photographers, video graph proof, recording individuals with electronic, digital equipment or manual tools all add to complete their assistance for the PI project. All the solid evidence and back up data along with pictures prove the detective is an invaluable person in many life trials.


Interview with 20 year veteran detective


Courtesy Roberta Baxter


As patient as the seagull waits for a fish, the detective must exercise patience in his career to have a successful outcome for the client. 

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Comments (4)

Dear Roberta, this is one career I thought of before and a well composed in-depth analysis coming from your wisdom and expertise. Thank you!

Very interesting article. Detective work is certainly an unusual career

As a child Iwanted to be a detective. Thanks for this very interesting information for this career.

Excellent job description and overview of a Detective's career. Very well done!