How To Pawn
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How To Pawn

Before leaving your gold jewelry to your relatives in a will, you can start to sell it to pawn shops. You might get enough to pay for a vacation that you have always wanted or even to buy a new used car. Your relatives will not be that happy to get your old jewelry. Pawn it and enjoy your life with the proceeds of your stuff.

You might think that you would never need to go to a pawn shop, but you might find yourself not wanting to give your stuff away.  You could put expensive ads in the paper and have to pay for the ad and never get a buyer.  You could get some interested callers who might try to get your stuff for free.  You could try to sell your stuff at a flea market and compete with sellers of used stuff like you.  You could go to a pawn shop and find out how much your stuff is really worth.  You have to stop and consider that your used stuff is only worth something to someone else if they can use it.  Would you pay someone for your used stuff? 

Your decision to go to a pawn shop is the start of your selling career.  You could sort out some of your stuff according to age and to condition.  If you have old stuff like furniture, clothes, dishes, collectibles, you need to try and find an antiqque dealer or to keep them.

If you have gold, you can consider a trip to the pawn shop.  You will get the price of the gold in your items, not the actual retail value of the item that is made of gold. 

If you have silver, it can't be plate. 

What you will soon discover is what stuff you have that is made of real gold and silver.  You can sell silver and gold coins to a pawn shop and get the price of the metal. 

You might find pawn shops who will buy used mechanical equipment.  Usually, you will have to ask.  If they don't need them, they won't buy them. 

Once you start selling to pawn shops, you will make a tremendous discovery about the value of your stuff.  The world of the pawn shop is a cold one.  The pawn dealer has money that he is willing to pay you for your stuff.  You need that money, you must learn to deal with a pawn dealer. 

Remember, he doesn't have to buy your stuff or even to pawn them if he doesn't want to. Take your stuff to a pawn shop and wait for him to examine your items.  Don't be put off by his demeanor.  If he says he doesn't want your stuff, don't back down.  Try to get him to buy it for less than what he thinks you want.  If he says, we don't buy that stuff here, you will have to leave.  If he says, how much do you want? you have it.

You might not know how much you want since you might not know what he is willing to pay for it.  Ask him how much he is willing to pay for it. 

If he says are you looking to pawn or are you looking to scrap, you should ask him how you would get if you scrapped it.  It should be worth more to you if you scrapped it then if you pawned it.  If you pawn it, you will get a ticket and you will have some time to buy it back if you want to.  If you don't plan on wanting to buy it back, scrap it. 

Try to get the best deal you can.  Remember, the pawn dealer like all buyers is really aware of your physical condition and who you are if you go to a neighborhood pawn shop.  Try to look your best but don't leave without getting him to buy something or to get a reference to someone who will buy what you have to sell. 

Don't be pushy in a pawn shop since they are very careful about their shop and are protected. 

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