Ideas for Fun and Unconventional Jobs with a Good Salary
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Ideas for Fun and Unconventional Jobs with a Good Salary

There are so many jobs that are fun and pay well. Definitely too many to list. Anybody wanting to switch careers and wants something that they will truly enjoy and take pleasure in, should stop and ask themselves first, what would make me happy? What would I enjoy the most? Here is a list of some of the top fun jobs that also pay fairly well.

Travel Industry - You could work on a cruise ship in many different roles, a stewardess on an airplane or as a travel agent. These are all fun and unconventional because you get free travel and discounts on travel. You get reduced rates for lodging and transportation, all the while making a decent salary.

Bakers – Bakers have a fun job making things like cake, cookies, breads, pastries and pies. You get to not only create these things, but be a taste tester too! Not to mention that bakers also make a good salary.

Publicist – This job is really cool. You’ll be in charge of generating and managing publicity, press coverage, PR and campaigns for clients.

Wedding Planner – You’ll get to help plan someone’s big day and have fun with it at the same time.

Hairstylist – You’ll get to play dress up with other people every day. Not to mention you can make a fairly decent salary, however, a lot is dependent on tips.

Work at a Theme Park – There are lots of jobs at a theme park. You can dress up as a character, operate a ride or sell candy or drinks. This one is definitely fun!

Pet Groomer – You get to spend time with animals if you’re an animal lover and help take care of them, all the while making money for doing it.

Mascot for a team – You get to dress up in a costume and root for your favorite team.

Own your own business / shop – Whatever it is that you like most, whether it be books/art/bridal stuff/coffee/chocolate/daycare etc…the list could on forever. Pick whatever you like most and open a business. If you like reading and books, open up a book shop. If you think a candy shop would do good, open up one. Working for yourself and selling a product that you thoroughly enjoy and can stand behind will be a great job with many rewards.

Midwife – If you love babies and are knowledgeable about pregnancy, it could be a fun job to interact with others who are pregnant and you will help them deliver or take care of their baby.

Home Stager – This one seems to be in high demand now and seems like it could be a really fun job. You stage people’s homes to help them get their house sold. It sounds like an easy fun job that pays very well.

Florist – You get to make arrangements and smell all the pretty flowers. Plus make money because those roses aren’t cheap.

Food Critic – You get to try food for free and write up reviews of the food or restaurant you tried.

Interior Decorator – Again, another job dealing with the home that allows you to use design skills and decorate someone else’s place.

Movie Reviewer – You watch movies and either write a review and put in the local newspaper or go on the radio to review the movies with radio show hosts. Sounds like another fun job that you can make money for doing!

Photographer – If you like taking pictures and can learn how to do it very well, then you can make lots of money doing photography for weddings/events or for family or personal portraits.

Anything that you enjoy doing creatively can be made into its own business or you can find a business that already exists and work for them. Just think about things like making baskets, yoga, cake decorating. You name it and you can either find somewhere to work at a local business doing what pleases you or you can open up your own business doing it. There are so many options! So, just ask yourself, what do I enjoy doing the most?

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Hi there, great ideas - started a baking business myself and still can't believe how well it's doing.

Baking is so hard sometimes! Interior Decorating is the same way, but only if you are looking at becoming a Designer. You can get a vocational license in Interior Decorating for not much money or time investment. Great article and lots of great jobs!

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hey guys really in a mess want to plan my future can sum1 give me sum better options...:)

Right out of high school I nearly joined a traveling circus. With just another two months-maybe before the end otheir season, -who knows where I'd have ended up? Down south probably for the winter, then back on the road the following spring. A Carny... hmm. (Okay, -glad I didin't join!)