Strip Teasers Job Description
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Strip Teasers Job Description

Strip teasers are erotic dancers that give performances in clubs as well as private performances and lap dances. Though not the most respectable profession in the world, they have got some job requirements that must be there if you are to make it as a strip tease. Also, the job has got its risks as well.

Strip teasers are erotic dancers at night clubs who portray nudity or partial nudity to either male or female customers at night clubs or exhibitions. They also give private displays to customers for a fee.

Strip tease or stripping is becoming a really hot job in this era. Though hot, it is not a career most people would want to pursue as it goes a lot of social stigma and it is seen as a deviant behavior.

In most states that patronize strippers, there is a law that regulated how stripping is done or a complete ban on stripping. Video coverage of strippers using hidden cameras by clients or by journalists is highly frowned at and is bound to generate hostility from the management.

In this article, we will look at what it takes to do the job of a strip tease and the risk part of the job.

What It Takes To Be A Strip Tease

The job requirements of a strip tease are quite out of the normal job requirements. Strip teasing is often engaged on by ladies who have no option other than to do such jobs in other to make ends meet. Agreed, there are professional strip teasers who take it as their vocation for life. To be accepted into the business you need to possess the following traits.

  • Have the looks and curves to getting the crowd go wild
  • Be really innovative in stripping
  • Totally free from shyness
  • Good height is usually a requirement
  • Be ready to accept advances as an everyday affair
  • Be rugged and smart

Generally, the job requires someone that has got the face; is smart and tough; and is capable to cope with a life on the fast lane. It is not the most respectable job in the world but someone has got to do it. You don’t need a college degree to be a strip tease though it would certainly be an advantage.

Job Risks

Strip teasing has got it job risks. Gangsters and all manners of people visits club and they expect the strip teaser to be willing and ready to accept their advances. It is not uncommon for strip teasers to be molested.

They also face the social stigma been branded on them by the society. Given what they do for a living, they are often classified as call girls and most men never take the relationship with a strip teaser seriously; so they often end up lonely.

Most also end up getting hooked to drugs. This is because they often need to get high in order to get the customers cheering with their antics.

Next time you go to a club for that lap dance, remember this article and give that strip teaser a major tip.

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Comments (2)

Interesting perspective on strippers. Unfortunately some of them feel they have to do it to pay for college since tuitions are so high these days. That is really a shame.

Ranked #21 in Unusual Careers

You are right so unfortunate.