Unusual Careers with Animals, Pet Psychic
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Unusual Careers with Animals, Pet Psychic

How to become a pet psychic? Unusual jobs that involve working with pets and animals? How can I train to be a pet psychic? How to become a professional animal psychic? What is a job I can do working from home working with pets? Learn more about being a pet psychic and where to have your business. Learn some pros and cons of different work situations for a pet psychic.

Some people are very in tune with the thoughts of animals. They possess the uncanny ability to know what a pet is thinking, how it feels, or what pain it is experiencing. Many of these people do well as pet psychics, also known as animal communicators, an industry that is sometimes not taken seriously and other times is taken to the extreme.

If you have a natural ability to communicate with pets and animals and can understand what they are saying, then perhaps becoming a pet psychic is a job you might want to consider.

You may want to seek out additional training by talking to somebody who is already working as a pet psychic in an other area. In some cases you may find a psychic workshop you can attend to help hone your skills.  The Monroe Institute in Virginia offers training on non-verbal animal communication.

Being a pet psychic involves some natural telepathic ability, empathy, as well as being able to read pet body language. Some psychics are better with cats, others with dogs, still others communicate better with birds, horses, or other animals. Some require the pet right in front of them, and to touch it, others just use photos.

You need to determine the style of your business - are you going to have the pets come to you, or are going to go to them.

* If the pets come to you it is more convenient, but the pet will be out of its natural setting so you may not be able to read them as well. Also this requires you to have a business premises, usually a part of the house, or a rented space in a grooming saloon, or pet supply store. You must consider the costs of having a location.

* If you are going to travel to see the pet in their own home you must have reliable transportation and be aware of the travel times that can be involved.

* Other pet psychics operate only at fairs, usually from a photograph, this offers only limited opportunities for income.

* Some pet psychics might offer their services over the Internet.

You need to inquire about licensing requirements (business license) in your area.

Advertising is one of the most difficult things because the service you are offering is not a need and is not trusted by many people. Do not expect droves of customers, to start it might only be a part-time position, and in fact many pet psychics are not working full time in that position. Word of mouth, and satisfied customer testimonials will help you attract other customers.

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I actually had a cat that was put on prozac. Your animal sharing education is extraordinary. I appreciate you. Thank you.I will be back with a vote.

Very important information!

I somewhat had a memory less here, its a TV show entitled (not sure) "Dog Whisperer," the guy is really good.

Returning with a well deserved vote.